Outreach Projects


Pure Joy Missions has ministries caring for children each week.

One of these projects involves visiting the local orphanage to help look after the children there.

Another project is Club Exploradores, a weekly Bible-focused kids ministry.

From time to time we are able to go and help at the school for children with special needs.

We also occasionally visit the children’s hospital to encourage and pray with families there.


Aimed specifically at teenagers from some of the poorest backgrounds, Pure Joy runs a tutoring program twice a week for young people from the families who live at or near the city dump.

Many of these kids would otherwise have to drop out of school early & work to help provide for their families. Pure Joy has been able to help find sponsors to give scholarships to these students to enable them to afford to stay in school & improve their opportunities in life.


Each week the team goes and ministers to the elderly in two different places.

One of these is a senior centre which runs activities for the elderly, who come to the centre each week from their homes to have time together and activities to enjoy. The team leads devotionals and activities like bingo.

The other is a care home for older residents who are unable to care for themselves. The team provides some refreshments, entertainment and devotionals.

Our Ministry Goals

Those In Need

Helping those our ministries reach
A one room shack at the city dump

It is our desire in being part of a missions centre to ultimately have an impact, whether directly or indirectly, on the wellbeing – physically, spiritually, and otherwise – of those that that centre looks to serve through its ministry projects. We want our work to contribute to the care & development of the children, adults, and elderly that each ministry reaches. We aim to see lives changed through the power of the gospel in practical service & discipleship initiatives that lead to closer relationships with God.


Helping staff and short term volunteers
Staff of Pure Joy 2019

We have a heart to make sure that both long-term staff & short-term volunteers/teams that work with us are well cared for during their time here. Also known as member care this involves ongoing investment of resources for the nurture and development of missionaries and their families. This can include communicating well with missionaries, helping coordinate ministry & travel, providing decent resources, and generally keep an eye on people’s well being.


Helping with the behind-the-scenes systems
Image idicating structure

For a missions centre to run effectively there are a number of “behind the scenes” elements to be taken care of. These include elements like bookkeeping for the organisation and ministry accounts, putting together documentation for staff, manning email accounts, note taking in meetings, helping develop policies, representing the organisation at conferences, and more. These are some of the ways we have served before and are ways we are willing to serve wherever we go.

Our Missions Experience

Between us our ministry experience, both as singles and married, has covered several Christian organisations in multiple countries:

Churches praying for us

We are blessed to have a number of churches who pray for and look out for us: