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Partner With Us

There are a number of ways in which you can partner with us

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Praying Hands


There are three main ways you can pray for us

Our Walk with God

The most important thing for anyone is to maintain & develop one’s own relationship with God. However good anything else can be, it will suffer if this isn’t first. Please pray that we will always keep our eyes on God.

Growing as a Family

For everyone, our first ministry responsibility is that which we have to our own family. Pray that we would always be preferring & loving each other well, and growing closer together each day.

Working in Ministry

Finally, pray that we would be ever open to hearing God’s voice, that we may work out of what it is we feel He is leading us to – our ministry will only be effective if it is His ministry working through us.

Thumbs Up


Living away from home long-term can feel very disconnecting – missionaries can feel forgotten, not cared about and lose some of their sense of self-worth. Living in a different place can feel difficult at times too – a different culture, a different environment, a different language, a different climate, and even different food can all be hard to adapt to. And ministry can also have periods of struggle – projects hitting obstacles, opposition, spiritual warfare, or just a season with no fruit can all be highly discouraging.

As such, sending encouragement can make a huge difference to those out on the field – simply getting in touch to let us know you are thinking about us, praying for us, or would like to catch up in some way can all be very uplifting.

But also, although we send out updates so that all who receive them know how we are doing, we won’t know how you are doing unless you tell us. Having that two way connection to be able to hear what is going on in your life and how we can be praying for you in return is really valuable too.

We are very blessed to live in a time when there are many ways that you can get in touch with us.


Sending us messages through E-mail, Messenger, WhatsApp, writing a note on one of our Social Channels, or using the form below to contact us are all great ways that we can hear from you. Some of our personal contact details are on our individual profile sections on our ‘About Us’ page.

Video Calls

Our internet may not be as strong as in the UK (and sometimes the power goes out completely), but we are usually able to hold down a video call through Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, etc., and love this way to catch up and find out how people are doing face-to-face.


During our time in missions we’ve had a few people come out to visit us and see this part of the world. If you want to come to visit Guatemala or happen to be close, it’s always great to see people we know, and we would love to be able to play host and show you around.



Why do we need financial support?

As missionaries we do not receive a salary from the ministries we work with; instead we trust God to provide for our financial needs through support from His Body – churches, family, friends, and others that He may call – as is seen in the New Testament.

As well as needing take home pay to cover rent, bills, food, clothing, schooling, healthcare, etc., (the same as everyone else), we also have to raise enough to cover all of the associated expenses that an employer would usually cover for their employees (training, travel, pension contributions, etc.), then on top of that cover the costs that an employer would normally cover when seconding an employee to an overseas post (flights, residency paperwork, etc.), and then finally have further funds available to cover the ministry resources we need that a business would typically provide for their staff (computer, equipment, supplies, etc.).

To be able to do the Great Commission work that we do we need believers like you who are open to asking God & listening to hear if He is calling you to be a partner of this ministry through prayerful, relational, and financial support.

Giving Options

What can you do?

Please would you take some uninterrupted time somewhere quiet to intentionally pray about whether God is calling you to become a prayerful, relational, and financial ministry partner.

If you feel that He is calling you to partner with us at this time, please would you seek Him for what amount He is calling you to invest in the Kingdom – every person’s circumstances are different and so we cannot say how much you should try & support us with but ask you to seek Him.

For regular giving, can we boldly ask you to pray about partnering with £100/month ($125 / €115 / Q1000 / RM600). We have some who give above that amount and some who give below that. What is important is not the amount that is given, but the faithfulness of the heart to whatever God is saying. We are honoured by any amount that we can be supported with, recognising that it is done out of faithfulness to God’s calling, however much it may be.

If you want to give a special lump-sum gift then that is most welcome too, as it can help with the occasional extra expenses that we need help with too.

If you do feel God is calling to become a ministry partner in this way at this time then please get in touch with us using the contact form below to let us know, and we can make sure to be in touch as well as ensure you are added to our mailing list.

May God bless you and speak clearly to you as you go to Him in prayer about ministry partnership!

Churches praying for us

We are blessed to have a number of churches who pray for and look out for us: